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Cup of Comfort Seeking Essays


A Cup of Comfort is a popular anthology (book) series featuring inspiring true stories about the extraordinary experiences of "ordinary" people. Now, we are currently seeking submissions for three exciting new volumes:

A Cup of Comfort for Writers

Only another writer can truly understand what it's like to aspire to become and to be a writer. For this anthology of true stories celebrating (and commiserating) the writing life, we seek compelling, insightful, and exceptionally well-written personal essays from writers of every persuasion and level of experience. Possible themes include but are not limited to:

Submission Deadline: July 31, 2006
Please see submission specs, below.

A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers

As any dog lover will attest, dogs are, indeed, our best friends… and so much more. They're also our helpers, heroes, champions, teachers, and beloved family members. For this volume, we seek heartwarming true stories that speak to the amazing bond between dogs and the people who love them. Stories can focus on any experience/theme that demonstrates how a dog has inspired and/or enriched the life/lives of a human(s). Possible themes include but are not limited to a dog's:

We do NOT want sad stories about a pet's suffering or death. However, stories can be about the life of a dog that is now deceased and can include a fond farewell to a lost pet -- provided the story isn't solely about the pet's death.

Submission Deadline: August 31, 2006
Please see submission specs, below.

A Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers

As Oprah Winfrey has often said, parenting is the most difficult and important job in the world. It can be even tougher for single mothers, who face all the usual parenting challenges plus another whole set of unique ones. But single motherhood -- whether by choice or by chance -- also brings many untold rewards, for both moms and children. For this collection of personal essays celebrating single mothers, we seek uplifting true stories about the joys and the difficulties of single mothering. The majority of stories selected for publication will be written from the single mother's point of view, but we will also consider stories written by the children of single mothers as well as by third parties with intimate knowledge of (and the permission of) the single mother and her child(ren). Possible themes include but are not limited to:

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2006
Please see submission specs, below.


  1. Author's full and legal name
  2. Author's mailing address
  3. Author's phone number
  4. Author's email address (if applicable)
  5. Story title
  6. Story wordcount (approximate)

Choose one of these submission methods:

Email (preferred): In the subject line, cite the Cup of Comfort volume (i.e., Dog Lovers). Copy and paste (or type) the story into the body of the email (no attachments. One story per email. Send to: cupofcomfort@adamsmedia.com

Mail: You can send more than one story per envelope. Include self-addressed, postage-paid envelope for each submission. Send only the paper copy of the story; do not send computer disks or CDs. Mail to:

Cup of Comfort
Adams Media
57 Littlefield St.
Avon, Massachusetts 02322, USA

Fax: On a cover sheet or at the top of the story's first page, specify "Cup of Comfort," the volume for which you are submitting the story, and the number of pages being submitted. Fax to: 1-508-427-6790

For sample stories and detailed writers' guidelines, visit the Web site and click on "Share Your Story."

Please direct questions and suggestions to cupofcomfort@adamsmedia.com. We cannot accept phone calls.

Hi, Linda:

Just wondering where you found these listings. I checked both the Cup of Comfort site and the Adams Media site, and I didn't see them in either--just found the outdated call for another book. Thanks!
Hi, Erin,

The editor e-mailed me a notice and asked me to get the word out to our blog readers. They just may not have had a chance to put the announcement up on their site yet.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info, Linda.
I'm sorry I called you Erin! I'm a doofus.

Dear Linda,
Thanks for writing about this announcement in your blog. Would it be possible for you to divulge the name(s) of the editor(s) for the Writers book? Or, is there a general editor to whom you address the cover letter part of the e-mail message?
Thanks and regards,
Sonali T. Sikchi
Hi, Sonali,

I just saw your comment...you may have posted it ages ago, in which case I apologize for the delay! I don't know the editor's name...I didn't save her e-mail. You may be able to get more detailed info by contacting them directly.


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