Friday, June 02, 2006


E-mentoring for mag writers

I've been having so many writers ask for mentoring outside my e-course that I spoke to my life coach friend about it this week, and she helped me come up with a plan. I had been turning writers away partly because I didn't know how to set it up and how much to charge. Also, I did experiment with e-mentoring for a bit last year and it was very unstructured; I ended up spending too much time answering e-mails and critiquing queries every day-- and I need to get my own assignments done, too! (Live and learn!)

So if you are interested or know any other writers who may be, here's what I'm doing:

E-Mentoring for Writers
$150 per month

* Every Monday, I'll e-mail you a form asking about the past week's successes/misses in terms of goals, what your goals are for the week ahead, what your challenges are, and what you would like from me. This form will help you organize your thoughts and will help pave the way to a productive week for both of us. You should e-mail me the completed form by Wednesday. (Of course, if you have questions/problems outside of what you put on the form, you can e-mail me...the form is just a way to try to set a theme for the week.)

* I'll set aside Wednesdays and Fridays each week to answer forms and e-mails. (I'm going to institute this policy with my e-course as well starting this summer.)

* I'll critique up to two queries per month (multiple drafts of the same query are fine within reason).

* The student can start on any Monday after July 1, 2006.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll figure out how to set up the payments via PayPal (though checks will also be fine). Also, if you have any comments on this new e-mentoring structure, I'd love to hear them!

And now I'm off to get some Indian food. Mmmmm.....chickennnn korrrrrrma... (insert sound of drooling here)

Hey, I had masala dosas slathered with hot lime pickle for dinner tonight. Mmmmm.
Mmmm. I had alu naan, chicken korma, and hot chai. Hey, all you other Renegade readers...what Indian food did YOU have tonight?

(What, this post isn't about Indian food? Really?)
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