Saturday, June 17, 2006


Google AdWords

I decided to try out Google AdWords to promote my e-course and my new e-mentoring program. With AdWords, you create a small ad that will be shown as a "sponsored link" in a special sidebar when people search on the keywords of your choice. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a predetermined amount. You can start with a budget of as little as $5 per month and can pay as little as $.01 per click, but how often your ad comes up and its placement in relation to other ads depends on how much you pay and how popular the keywords are.

While testing out keywords, I noticed that a magazine writer is using AdWords to promote her site, presumably to editors. I went to her site, which is nicely designed, and it looks like she's written for several trades and local magazines.

I should write to this writer and ask if she's had any success with her AdWords ad, but in the meantime, what do you think? Are editors trolling the web looking for writers? If they were, would they click on a sponsored link? After all, a writer who would take the time and money to advertise her business in this way must be serious about her business.

And, finally, do you have any creative ways to market your magazine writing outside of queries?

Hmmm.. good questions. I hadn't thought of that approach and also wonder what editors would think. I do have a posting on mediabistro, which is like an advertisement, and have gotten a good amount of work from it. Editors do seem to go to that site to look for writers. I landed one recent gig when, after starting my blog, I just sent the link out to a variety of editors I had worked with in the past. Coincidentally, one editor of an airline mag was looking for a monthly columnist and asked if I would do it! When I sent the E-mails, I thought I was being a little bold and editors might be annoyed, but at least one saw my blog writing and thought it would fit well for the column. Can't wait to hear what you decide on the Google ads.
Linda, my first impression is that your Google AdWords campaign might be more effective targeting writers in need of mentoring, as we all can name many sites and forums where writers hang out looking for camaraderie.

Not to say that editors don't hang out online, but it would seem that fishing for busy editors would require very specific ad placement.
Thanks! I've had my ad going for a few days, it has around 2,000 impressions on keyphrases like "query letter" and "write for magazines" -- but it's gotten only one click-through! Maybe my ad stinks.

But I'm a glutton for punishment, so I decided to try AdWords for my copywriting as well. After all, it doesn't cost anything unless you get click-through. I'm still fiddling with the ads for that campaign.
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