Thursday, June 08, 2006



Diana and I are off to Canyon Ranch tomorrow to give workshops on writing for health magazines. Oh, the awful and terrible life of a freelance writer. We'll be boo-hooing into our light apple tarts with whole-wheat shells about the suckiness of it all.

Something interesting happened to me this week:

After my husband and I first moved to Concord last September, I went to the local Borders to get some writing done. (Somehow I'm distracted by the phone and the cats, but not by books and coffee.) I was standing in line at the cafe when I overheard the woman in front of me telling her companion how she had just broken into one of her dream magazines.

Well, of course, being friendly and nosy, I had to talk to her. So I rudely broke into their conversation and started talking with the writer. We became friends, and meet every so often for coffee or lunch.

The other day -- just when I was wondering, "If I'm so busy, where's all the money?" -- my new friend e-mailed to tell me that she just took an editing gig at a new magazine and wanted me to write up five quick short pieces within a week. (You know who you are, and you're my new favorite editor!)

No lesson here (except maybe to be nosy and evesdrop on people at Borders), and no rant (hey, what's to rant about?). But isn't it neat sometimes the way things happen?

Welcome to Concord! I didn't realize you had moved here. I saw you a couple yrs ago at Border's when you and Diana were promoting your book.

Now, I've discovered your Blog - I like it!

I don't go to Border's often, but I like this tip about making possible connections there.

Actually, I'm finding that it's good advice to be more friendly in almost any waiting line or informal situation. People seem to respond well.
Thanks, anonymous! Maybe I'll see you at Borders's where I go when I need to actually write.

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