Monday, June 26, 2006


Think Big!

Think big: Pitch a feature instead of a short, turn an article idea into a book idea, or, if you have an idea for a single article, think of a way you can turn it into eleven more and pitch it as a column.

Last Thursday I came up with an idea for an article on a food-related topic -- but then I realized that the idea applied to all sorts of foods. So I wrote up a quick column pitch to an editor I've been working with at a health magazine, listed some examples, and zapped it off. The next morning, the editor wrote back that they had been considering retiring one of their monthly food columns and wanted to replace it with my idea. Score!

Of course, luck comes into play here -- after all, I certainly had no idea that the editors had been thinking of nixing one of their current columns. But if I had pitched the idea as a single article, that's probably what I would have gotten.

I'm going to go through my files of ideas and queries and see where I can turn one-shot ideas into regular columns. The worst the editors can do is say no. (Well, actually, the worst the editors can do is break into my house and steal my Archie Comics collection, but you get the idea.)


P.S. As soon as I get the time, I plan to add other writers' blogs to the list of links on this page. If you have a writing blog you'd like me to consider, please send it to Thanks!

Dang - nice! I am very interested in writing a non-fiction book, but have yet to nail down an idea. I've also not yet broken into the major magazines, which is still a goal. Too much time spent on other projects :( Must change that!
Thanks, Victoria!.

I know you'll break into the mag of your dreams...your ideas are great.
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