Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Don't people DIE from exposure?

Yesterday I received an e-mail from an editor at J. Morgan Magazine inviting me to send articles to his publication. Ah, once again my charm and beauty have attracted work. But wait...the e-mail included lengthy writer guidelines, at the very end of which was:

1. J. Morgan Magazine offers no financial compensation for published articles. Authors of published articles will receive compensation for First American Rights by way of no more than two complimentary copies [What?? I insist on three copies or no deal. -Linda] of the publication in which their article appears.

2. Being published in J. Morgan Magazine provides contributors an opportunity to increase their visibility with a specific audience; conversely, the tone of each article should be from an informative perspective and are not meant to be advertorial to the author's business, service or product.

Wow, I'm in the wrong business. Forget writing -- I need to be pubishing a magazine, raking in the ad dollars/subscription money/whatever and getting content for free!

I don't understand why so many magazines ask writers to work for the "exposure." Do enough writers fall for this crap to make it worthwhile for publishers to operate this way? Do these publishers ask their plumbers, lawyers, and accountants to work for exposure? And even if you did churn out a free article for a magazine -- have you ever, ever received paying work from someone who saw your bio in a non-paying magazine?

Repeat after me: "People DIE from exposure."

Heh. I love the coverline on the magazine about creating abundance.
Is there any way in which this kind of thing is illegal?
I wish! But I suspect it's not illegal to hire freelancers for crappy wages of they agree to it. I could probably ask people to write articles for this blog in exchange for the dust balls under my bed if they agree to do it.

(Gee, I hope I didn't just give publishers any ideas.)

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