Saturday, July 08, 2006


The People at B&N Think I'm a Freak

The other day I walked into the Mac store to get a wireless card for my four-year-old computer, and the next day I went back to get a shiny new MacBook with built-in wireless capabilities. Now I truly have a portable office, and can do online research at the bookstore (which is where I spend the majority of my time).

The good news is that within hours of buying my new MacBook, I got an assigmment that covered most of the cost. The better news is that my new computer has a little built-in camera! Here's me having fun at Barnes & Noble browsing the Writing & Pubishing section. First I found an awesome book that everyone should buy:

Wow! Cool cover, great layout, super contents. Five thumbs up.

Here's another writing book I picked up. It's a good read, but as I don't see the words "Formichelli" or "Burrell" anywhere on the cover, I'm going to have to deduct a couple of thumbs. Sorry, Elaura.

So wait, let me get this straight. You were walking around B&N, holding your new laptop, taking pictures of yourself?

Forget the B&N people ... your co-author thinks you're a freak. ;)
Oh, totally! I was also giggling maniacally as I did it.
No more than I would do if I had a decent book published, in fact, probably less.
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