Friday, July 21, 2006


Talk to Us! (Please?)

On Wednesday, July 26, from 10 pm to 12 am ET, Diana and I will be the guest authors at The Writer's Chatroom. Join us in the chatroom and ask your pressing questions about writing for magazines. We suggest you ask:

* Where can we buy a copy of The Renegade Writer -- right now?
* What's your PayPal address so we can send you money?
* Would you like a foot massage?

We hope to see you there!

(P.S. If you haven't checked out the Lifehacker list of "10 cheap or free tools that can boost productivity" in Diana's post below, do it now! I'm having way too much fun with the TextExpander software.)

How much do you know about The Writer's Chatroom? I'm beginning to feel as if it's a scam to collect my e-mail address and send me lots of e-mail that's of no interest to me. I registered (name and e-mail). A confirmation was sent to my e-mail mailbox. When I clicked on the long confirmation code, I was taken to a site that asked me to sign up for free subscriptions to ezines. No clues as to how to paricipate in the Chatroom discussion with you on wednesday. I signed up because of your participation, but I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable about the real function(s) of The Writer's Chatroom.
Linda Formichelli was kind enough to forward Susan's comment (I would have seen it eventually since I have an RSS feed to this blog, but I appreciate the advance notice.) Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

We at The Writer's Chatroom send nothing to our subscribers except for the announcements for the chats. We purchased the premium edition at Zinester so there would be no additional emails/spam sent to our subscribers. And we don't sell anything except for our affiliate's/past guest's books and our own products that appear on our website.

To my knowledge, we haven't sent any advertisements to anyone and we don't have any place to sign up for free ezines on our site.

Links to ezines and websites are listed on the previous guests, education, and marketing pages, and at Hope Clark's (FundsForWriters) affiliate write-up. Renee Barnes, one of our team members, is the editor of The Trailer Park Gazette, an ezine which is mentioned frequently, but only the link is given.

We do not share our subscriber list with anyone for any purpose at any time!

I'm wondering if Susan got to rather than to Their site seems to be just as she described in her comment.

I hope Susan will take another look at our site. If Susan or any other reader of this blog has any questions, please email me at

As far as getting into the chatroom for the chat tomorrow night with The Renegade Writer, go to at 10:00 PM Eastern US time. I will have the chatroom open by 9:50 for the earlybirds. On the left side of the screen there will be a menu item that says "enter chatroom". It is there that you can use whatever signin name you'd like and the password "renegadeLD" (without quotes).

We'd love to have your readership visit us while enjoying your guest chat. If they like what they see, all are welcome to sign up for the announcements--or to just check the schedule page each week rather than signing up for anything--if they are more comfortable with that. We have some exciting guests lined up--starting with The Renegade Writer!

Again, thank you for the opportunity to respond. Our reputation is important to us. The team at The Writer's Chatroom is looking forward to your guest appearance tomorrow night!

Linda J. Hutchinson
Moderator, The Writer's Chatroom
Freelance Writer/Copywriter
Thanks for the explanation, Linda. The sign up process is a bit confusing, but I think I've figured it out now. The confusion arose when I clicked on the link in the e-mail you sent to me and was directed to the Zinester site, where there was a member sign-in box that also requested a password -- which I didn't have (hadn't created). I tried registering again and just used the "reply, send" response." Much less confusion that way.

I certainly trust the authors of "The Renegade Writer" and feel much more comfortable now that I've heard from you,too. Now I understand you just wanted an email address so you could send me notices about upcoming chats. It might be less confusing to just use the "reply, send" directions for newbies (and those of us who've had some bad experiences in the past when we've given out our email address). It's less confusing than reaching the Zinester page.

P.S. I suspect I may actually have registered several times as I worked through this process in the past two days. Hope this doesn't create too much confusion.
I'm glad everything is straightened out!

Susan, I know what you mean about giving out your e-mail address. That's why I often use sneakemail ( -- it's a free service (though they do request donations) that lets you create different e-mail addresses for different purposes. If you get spam at an address, you know where it came from -- and can even shut down the address.

We hope to see you tomorrow in the chatroom!


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