Thursday, August 03, 2006


I think the people who helped Bill Gates were paid from the start.

A "writers wanted" ad from the Philadelphia Craigslist:

New Magazine HIRING! -- Fri Jul 28

Position Type Full-Time Employee or Part Time Company Name: Devine Visions Entertainment Location: Wilmington, Delaware but accepts applicants from all over. (you may work from home) Great Opportunity for College Students! At the moment there's no monetary compensation till we get up & running (start with a new and upcoming company and you can be making a lot of money soon.. how do you think people who helped Bill Gates feel now) Even if you have no experience but willing to learn we want you. We are an upcoming company that is in the process of developing a magazine for print.

The lucky ones were paid in stock options, too!

Did you see the TV series "Revenge of the Nerds," where the guy who was something like the #12 employee at Apple turned down stock options and insisted on being paid a higher salary instead? If only we had crystal balls (so to speak).

I've read about Bill Gates. Bill Gates was fair to his employees. You're no Bill Gates, Mr. Easter.
Haa, Lori, I remember that. I just put that movie in my Netflix queue.

"No one will be free until nerd persecution ends!"
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