Sunday, August 06, 2006


My New Business Cards

I was happy with my iPrint black-and-white specials...until I saw the funkalicious cards from the U.K. company StreetCards. So when I started running out of my old cards, I ordered 500 of these beauties, which are full-color and laminated. You can choose the background color on the back of the card; I thought this orange was a nice contrast, and the orange and blue match my website design and the cover of The Renegade Writer. The cards arrived in about two weeks, which is amazing considering they had to be printed and then shipped to the U.S. They were a bit pricy, but look at them! Just look!

You can't see this in the photo, but underneath my contact info it says, "My editors think I'm swell." Now we'll find out for real if editors have a sense of humor! I do have that phrase as part of my sig line, and it's gotten good reception from editors so far.

I used the new cards as an excuse to remind all my editors that I'm alive; instead of working on my assignments on Friday evening (three due on Monday, yikes), I sent the new card to about 40 editors I've worked with. The only thing that's actually different about the info on the cards is that I included my cell number, but I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to contact my editors!

Oh, those are so prettyful!
And the thumb graphic in the corner is so life like....;-)
Your post brings up a question if you don't mind. Should I be including business cards in all my pitches?
~Lisa Marie
Thanks, Lisa Marie! I had to pay extra to get that thumb graphic.

I e-mail 99% of my pitches, so in that case the question is moot. But if I were to snail mail a pitch, I would include my business card. If you don't have one, I don't think it's a big deal, but if you have one it can't hurt to include it.

Good luck!

I love your new biz cards, and I think it is great that you used a creative signature line.
Very cool business cards, Linda! I do think those little touches add extra credibility and might make your pitches stand out. I too, bought some pricier business cards, and they have been very effective. (I read a little book on sales not too long ago that said your cards should make people say, "Wow, that's a great business card" when they see it.
Love to see your new business cards... I prefer iPrint for printing cards... They provides many designs of colored business cards...
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