Thursday, May 18, 2006



No, it's not the mating call of a California sea lion -- it's an advance reading copy of The Renegade Writer's Query Letters That Rock! (Please disregard piles of paper and books on kitchen table.)

*swoon* :) So tempting!
When can we buy?
Thanks for asking! It will be available in November.
Nice flowers Diana! Are they from Mother's Day? No need to apologize for the books and paper on the table, it makes the picture cozy.
(where's the coffee cup?)
Love the book cover too!
Thanks Lisa! The coffee cups are scattered all around my office -- and yes, the flowers are from Mother's Day. They've held up amazingly well, considering I got them a week ago today. :-)
Yay!!! A new book *and a peek into Diana's kitchen. Love the yellow wall...oh, and the book cover is lovely too!
Thanks, Kris. A couple people have asked about the wall color "off blog." It's Benjamin Moore's "Semolina." I was looking for a color that reminded me of Tuscany, one of my favorite places on earth. Plus, I'm yellow obsessed. I read somewhere that schizophrenics prefer yellow -- well, I like it because it makes me happy! :-)
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