Friday, June 30, 2006


Apple is Good to Writers

Linda and I, being Mac addicts, have known this for awhile. However I was heartened to read that Apple corporate supports writers (well, homeless model/writers) who write books at their Apple Stores. Yes, this pint-sized model supposedly wrote a novel while standing in her heels in front of a demo Mac. Geez, now I feel bad for all the times I bitched to my husband about the people who were hogging up the really good Macs at our local Apple store. They could have been writing novels! You can't even bring coffee into those places. But knowing how nice the Apple salespeople are, they probably let the model borrow a 17" MacBook Pro for coffee runs. (I wondered how she saved all her work ... this update tells you how.)

My PowerBook is nearing the end of its life. Maybe I can write my next book at the Apple Store in Salem. Only I'll wear Tevas and bring my 4-year-old along -- he can play on the kiddie Macs. Imagine the great press Apple will get when word spreads how they support working mom writers by providing kick-ass computers and childcare!

And the guy at the Mac store in Nashua is totally cute. More proof that Apple is good to writers!
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