Monday, June 12, 2006


You can dress us up ....

After a long weekend of reading Archie comics (Linda) and chick-lit novels (Di), we're happy to report we had a great time at Canyon Ranch. The people who came to our talks were really nice and asked a lot of questions about freelancing. It's always a lot of fun to answer questions -- nothing worse than dead silence -- and there was even an ASJA member and a former book editor who showed up on Saturday afternoon. This was Linda's second time at "The Ranch," and my first. I was totally blown away by the great food. (So was my scale -- I gained a pound last week.) My favorite was the coffee creme brulee, served in demitasse cups. The highlight of our evening was Linda asking for four desserts and our waiter not knowing if she was serious or not. Believe me, if he'd brought four over, we'd have had NO trouble scarfing them down.

The place is absolutely luxurious. I mean, they even fold your toilet paper into neat little points, as you can see to the left.

You can imagine my dismay when, upon returning to our suite, I found this. Linda would not own up to the ruination.

I was so upset not to see those neat little points that Linda suggested we meditate during our walk to the lobby, where we could choose from a wall full of DVDs. In a sea of Merchant Ivory, we found these gems. Mr. Pink would have been in heaven at Canyon Ranch: no tipping allowed.

So we return to our room, DVDs in hand (truth be told, we nixed Lake Placid and Quentin Tarantino and went with The Breakfast Club and Spellbound -- we're not total doinks). Linda visited the powder room before movie time and voila!

Our Canyon Ranch experience was not exactly limited to toilet paper folded in neat points ... there were whirlpools, yoga classes, a sauna, fitness centers ... and amazing attention to detail.

LOVE the TP pics! :O I know how little things like that can make a vacation, especially when that kind of order doesn't exist in my house!
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